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Buying gold coins

Napoleon 20 franc or Louis d'or Osprey Paris

You want to invest in physical gold, and you have decided to buy gold coins, but you need some advice to make the right choice. In times of crisis, ingots and Napoleons have a privileged place in the choice of secure investments. To make a collection or to place your money in a sure place, we give you some tips for buying gold coins.

Get the value of a gold coin

The value of a gold coin is calculated differently than that of gold jewellery. Indeed, a listed gold coin is valued on the basis of the metal value to which is added its premium, which is independent of the price of gold. A gold coin can be worth more than the current price of gold. But, be careful, to get all the benefits of a piece, you have to take care of its condition. This must not have any pronounced scratches: only slight wear is tolerated. On each numismatist certificate accompanying your coin, you will find a note attesting to the condition of your coin (superb, very very good condition, very good condition, etc.)

Once you have your piece and if you intend to keep it in good condition, it is advisable not to wash it: it is better, in fact, to leave the original patina. If you use a cleaning product or other polish, you will leave an irreversible artificial shiny appearance on it and your coin will lose value.

The value of a coin is also determined based on its history. Each piece corresponds to a period in history. The Louis d’or corresponds to coins minted from the reign of Louis XIII until the Revolution in 1789. After this period, the coins of 20 Francs Germinale will use the portrait of Napoleon the First. The second and the third Republics will have Genius, Ceres and a rooster as symbols. The value of a gold coin will then be defined by the number of coins put into circulation. The rarity and the history of the piece will make all its value. Be careful though, it is not because your part is old that it is worth more. Its mintage, history, demand and condition will give your coin value or not. For example, a limited edition coin from the 20ᵉ century will be worth more than a common Gallic coin.

Now it’s up to you to find the rare piece!

Where to buy and sell gold coins?

To buy a gold coin, it is best to go to a store with a numismatic specialist, such as the Osprey store. Make an appointment with Mike, who has been a numismatist since the age of six! When acquiring a coin, it is important to be careful not to touch the coin with your hands. They must remain stored in a safe place, a safe, for example, or at the bank. They are put in transparent sachets and associated with a unique code. All coins are certified and appraised by our specialists.

Invest serenely in the purchase of gold coins in the Osprey store.

Do not hesitate to visit us, don’t be shy!

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Melinda, experte gemmologue,
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Melinda, expert gemologist,
expert jeweller since 1987

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antique jewellery expert
and hallmarks, author
from the reference book
The Jewels of the French .