Our tips for investing in gold

Our tips for investing in gold
Hallmark of Michelangelo's head facing right

081. Hallmark of Michelangelo facing right

  Hallmark of Michelangelo’s head facing right in an irregular octagonal frame, number 1 for 1st grade silver (950/000). Paris 1819-1838. The information on the Michelangelo head hallmark facing right and other illustrations on this

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Ram's head hallmark facing left

084. Ram’s head hallmark facing left

Ram’s head hallmark to the left surrounded by a listel, for small gold works. Variable shape following the many false hallmark  punches of the time. Paris 1819-1838. The information on the ram’s head hallmark to

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092. Hercules head hallmark

Hercules head hallmark facing left in an oval frame, with figures for the various assay offices. For large silver objects Departments 1819-1838. This hallmark is sometimes called the head of Bacchus, due to the vine

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Invest in gold

For thousands of years, gold has been prized for its unique colour as well as its attributes of inalterability and malleability. Gold will never tarnish, and it can be drawn into a wire thinner than

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