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About Us

About us


We manufacture fine jewellery

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We sell old and vintage jewellery

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We buy your antique and vintage jewellery. Do not sell anything without visiting us.

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Engagement ring specialist

Osprey is the go-to place for your engagement ring. Apart from our large stock of vintage and new rings, we can make the ring of your dreams with a quality and price that will surprise you. Choose your diamond from our large stock and Melinda will help you find a unique setting that matches your personality.

Osprey Paris

Our team


Gemologist, expert in antique jewellery since 1987, Melinda has been designing jewellery for several brands before focus on its own customers.


Numismatist since 1966, expert in antique jewellery since 1981, world-renowned expert on French regional jewellery and author of the reference book "Les Bijoux des Français".

Since 1993 , Osprey has bought and sold tens of millions of euros of ancient and modern jewellery, coins, banknotes and antiques in France and abroad. More than 300,000 customers have trusted us for our integrity and professionalism.

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Osprey Paris, 278 rue Saint-Honoré
75001 Paris