Cash For Gold in Paris

Cash For Gold in Paris

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Don’t sell your jewellery for scrap!

We are qualified jewellers and expert gemologists, specialists in the purchase of antique jewellery, and we can always pay much more than the smelters. Antique, modern, signed or unsigned jewellery, even broken jewellery, diamonds, coins, banknotes, we buy them all. Every day we sell new and used jewellery at unbeatable prices, we NEED to buy new merchandise every day.

Don’t even think about selling your jewellery in auction rooms, or at gold buying bureaux, the “cowboys” that do so much harm to our profession. Instead, visit real professionals for an honest and clear service of buying gold in Paris. We pay immediately by check or bank transfer; otherwise you can leave your jewellery on consignment for a more attractive price, but not immediately.

We are particularly looking for signed jewellery, but any jewellery in gold or silver is welcome.
Rolex, Chopard, Blancpain, Breguet, Breitling, Cartier, Chanel, de Grisgono, Chaumet, Dinh Van, Dior, Fred, Van Cleef & Arpels, Hermès, Piaget, Boucheron, Pomellato, David Webb, Jaeger le Coultre, Patek Phillipe.

At Osprey Paris you will be dealing with qualified gemologists and numismatists, each with over thirty-five years of experience. You can trust our professionalism and integrity.

Do not hesitate to visit us in our store in the heart of Paris, where we will appraise your jewellery and watches free of charge and without obligation. Don’t be shy !

rolex, montre de luxe, achat et vente chez Osprey Paris
lot de bijou or acheté par Osprey Paris
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Our team of experts:

Melinda, expert gemologist,
expert jeweler since 1987

Mike, jeweler since 1981,
antique jewelry expert
and hallmarks, author
of the reference book
The Jewels of the French

How does the gold purchase work?


Your jewellery or silverware is examined by our experts. The hallmarks are scrutinized to identify objects signed by designers or major brands. For quality or jewelled objects, a price much higher than their metal value can be determined.

metal prices

The price of gold and silver is very high right now, and even if your items are only worth the metal, the sum can still be significant. We will then examine the hallmarks to determine the precious metal fineness.

testeur XRF pour l'achat or chez Osprey Paris

Carat analysis (1)

If the hallmarks are not clear, we carry out tests. We have an XRF spectrometer in our store that reveals the purity of gold or silver in seconds without touching the object.

Purity analysis (2)

We can also use a touchstone, an age-old method. The object is gently rubbed on the stone, then a drop of acid is put on the mark to reveal the purity.

Measurement of stones

Once the purity is determined, we can examine the stones. Their authenticity is confirmed with a diamond tester, then measurements are made with a Leverige guage to calculate the weight of the stones. We always need diamonds and can pay really excellent prices.

The weighing

The object can now be weighed in your presence on one of our precision scales, which are verified annually by an independent body.

exemple de graphique cours de l'or

Price calculation

The value of gold or silver is calculated according to the daily rate and added to the value of the stones. Don't forget that we are not a gold buying shop, which buys everything to melt down. We are expert jewellers and our goal is to resell your jewellery if possible.
It should be noted that no tax needs to be deducted on jewels with individual values of less than €5000.

Terms of purchase

With an identity document, a purchase contract is signed by you and by us, specifying the objects sold, their purities and values. A copy of this contract is given to you as well as a withdrawal slip, allowing you to take back your articles in the event that you change your mind within 48 hours.


A check in your name is drawn up or the money is transferred to your account in your presence. Cash payment has been prohibited for precious metal objects since 2011; however, we can pay in cash to foreign residents.

Since 1993 , Osprey has bought and sold tens of millions of euros of ancient and modern jewellery, coins, banknotes and antiques in France and abroad. More than 300,000 customers have trusted us for our integrity and professionalism.

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